Sunday, October 24, 2010


Anyone who's been lullabyed to bed with "Casey at Bat" knows what's coming for the Big Man.  The Big O-fer.  So, on late Saturday night in bottom of the 9th inning, SF Giants clinging by their finely manicured nails to a 3-2 lead, with Phillies on 1st and 2nd base, with two outs, with a 3-2 count, and with the Big Guy for the Phillies at the bat.... knew what was coming.  Anyone who winessed last year's World Series had a clue.

And so, Brian Wilson, he of the shoe-polished beard not he of the "Fun, Fun, Fun" fame, a left-handed pitcher did what lefties did to Ryan Howard all last year in the playoffs and the World Series.

He struck him out.


Not good company to be keeping for one's baseball fame.

It's over 36 hours later and I'm still bummed.  It's not that I'm laying the full blame of the loss on Mr. Howard; he ended the playoffs with the best batting average of the Phils.   It's just that, well..... you don't end your season with the wood parked on your shoulder.

Next year can't come around any sooner.  For the Phils this year, it's no longer GO!  It's GONE!

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