Sunday, October 03, 2010

It Ain't always Sunny in Philly...

On the freefall to ignominy that officially started today, a poll by the local Philly papers as to reader's opinions on the performance of the 4 quarterbacks ( wait...wait...wait) who were involved in the 17-12 defeat of the Iggles to the Capital of this country's Redskins, with their 80th ranked (I exaggerate, but just a touch) NFL defensive unit, it seems Mike Kafka of the Iggles beat out Kevin Kolb by 62% to 41%.  The fact that Mr. Kafka (no relation to Franz, as far as we know) never let go of his clipboard, never donned his helmet, nor ever ventured onto the playing field gives you an indication of where the balance of the season will go for the unfortunate Mr. Kolb.  His sad days have only begun.  I hope he has a dog to come home to.

Andy Reid, involved in football since he first started sucking on a (kicking) tee, has still to grasp the concept of time and its necessary management.  He is beyond doubt at this point in his coaching career, the worst on-field coach pacing the sidelines.  It is a question of how uniquely he will squander time-outs these days; he keeps on inventing new versions of what was, until he came along, a limited field of possibilities.


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