Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Heart Oswalt

O.K., so the Phillies are down 3-1 to a fine SF Giants team that has outspunkied them through 4 games. Tonight's a re-match of Roy "Perfect Game & Playoff No-Hitter" Halladay and Tim "Doobie-doobie-do" Lincecum. What a great series!.....even if the Phillies don't make it to the final round this year.

Cody Ross, part of Halladay's Perfect Game while with the Marlins is hitting up a storm with the Giants, who picked him up off of waivers. For all of us who've been rejected at least once in our lives, who can't but cheer (even quietly) for this guy?

Then there's Roy Oswalt. Last night he offered up his services as a relief pitcher even though he'll be starting in the (hopefully to happen) 6th game of the playoffs. This guy's a kid in love with the game! earlier this year he offered to and eventually played left field against his previous team, the Houston Astros, in a game where the Phillies bench was bare....and he accorded himself rather well.

Truth be told, I had my doubts before the Phillies brought him over from the Astros. He did not want to come to the Phillies, preferring to stay in the Mid-West and away from the fairly blood-thirsty press corps that devours its athletes in Philadelphia. But, he eventually came over and the Phillie Phans took to him instantly. His humour, his hunger, and his abilities almost made pholks forget about the Cliff Lee deal that the Phils did NOT make at the end of last year. But, it soon became apparent that Mr. Lee and Mr. Oswalt are cut from the same cloth; they both are killers on the mound and they both want a World Series ring.

So, whatever happens tonight, I'll think that the Phillies had a successful year. If only Mr. Halladay can extend the series one more game and allow Mr. Oswalt to take to the mound.....
Well, then it may just turn out to be a fabulous year.

Go Phils!

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