Friday, October 29, 2010

"He was sweaty," Talley said. And "he wanted eggs really bad."

In these tough economic times, folks are taking to any kind of work, legal or otherwise, that they may not be qualified for.  Here's a perfect example of such a situation.  You've probably read of lots of folks that are over-qualified for positions they are currently holding.  Personally, I have strong admiration for these folks as their work ethic and sense of responsibility certainly has over-ridden any case of hubris they may have been suffering when first unemployed.

But this fellow?  It seemed he understood the first part of his new career, namely nabbing the money.  But the getaway part needs some serious work.  Fortunately for him, he'll have some quiet time to mull over his next caper.

A lesson to be learned here is best stated by Liquid Planet's Nathan Talley who had served the Cash Transporting Specialist after his foray into a local bank.

"Liquid Planet's Talley had an additional theory. The suspect may have tipped the cab driver, but he left no money at the coffee shop. "

"Bad karma", Talley said, "That's why he got caught."

WP?    La Vie Poème? Have any such shenanigans happened in your coffee & eggs experience?  I'm sure you have tales to tell.


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