Monday, October 11, 2010

Creativity is Being Curtailed.. tonight's debate at the University of Delaware between the 2 main US Senatorial candidates for the state of Delaware.  One of the ground rules listed here is :

No participant in the debate (neither candidates nor questioners) shall be allowed to use props or visuals.

Bummer!  This being October and all, I was fairly sure one of the students posing a question to the candidates would have been appropriately dressed for Halloween.  Wonder what will happen if someone sneaks in and dons this or this? The latter link is related to the latest political ad by Ms. O'Donnell.

Should be interesting and, now that CNN will be broadcasting part of it nationwide, beyond the importance of this interim position post (only 4 years left in the 6 year US Senator term).  Tune in @ 7:30 EST.

Everyone seems to be stirred up by tonight's happenings and, since the 1st round of baseball playoffs are over, folks in the First State should be tuned in.  Hmmm...wonder if anything actually substantial will be debated or if the potential nastiness of the crowd will dominate the proceedings?


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