Thursday, October 07, 2010

China & O'Donnell: Importing Good Values

Perhaps we've been too hard on Christine O'Donnell's self-proclaimed educational achievements (though she did blame "Others" for attaching such claims although the "Others" have yet to be identified).  As per today's NYT, it seems an entire nation suffers from the OECD syndrome (O'Donnell Education Credentials Dilemna).  Maybe she's simply been ahead of the import curve.  In addition to having our shelves stocked with goods manufactured in China for the past 2 decades, we'll soon be practicing the Chinese Art of Self-Accreditation.

Oh, where have we gone since we've sold off and shipped off our manufacturing might to places overseas?   Being a Global Citizen has long lost its cache..but that's another tpoic, another day.

This morning's major Delaware paper had an article regarding some poll results for the US Senatorial elcetion.  Perhaps, sanity has returned to the even-keeled state.   Although.....

.....Last night a pollster called the house and the Ever Loving Wife, a possessor of patience in quantities that I've never been familiar with, answered questions for over 10 minutes from some clown (there's my "patience" showing) who definitely had a biased view in her questioning.  Why do I say "clown"?  It was the 8th and 9th inning (yes....that's how long the questioning went on) and the Phillies, up 4-0 over the Reds, were closing in on the 2nd ever post-season no-hitter as masterfully spun by Roy Hallyday.

Why the ELW did not hang up is one of those miracles without explanation.  She explained it as, "I had to make sure that this pollster knew that Coons was head, hands and feet above O'Donnell as far as a competent candidate."   Yes, the ELW, aside from having loads of patience, also has tons of idealism and the mindset that people can change especially if you talk to them reasonably.   All I got out of it was this idiot was not a baseball fan and, worse yet, not a Phillies fan.  Using the logic of the O'Donnell campaign, I'll go on to state that O'Donnell hates the Phillies!  There, that's a campaign slogan sure to get the vote out in Delaware.


I was happy for "Doc" and his phellow phillies -- even as I wistfully wondered why it never happened when he was with the Jays.
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