Monday, September 20, 2010

The Witching Hours

Christine O'Donnell may just do for the Tea Party what the poison pill did for captured spies.  Folks, just keep in mind that she's only been in Delaware for a bit over 6 years.  She is a Jersey Gal and we all know about the Jersey Devil, right?  No!  No!  This guy is known as the Jersey Devil only to Phlyer Phans.

I'm just waiting to hear if her bad publicity will force the Wicca Church to disawow any connection with O'Donnell, as the Delaware Republican Party intially did.  Like a reluctant groom to an arranged marriage he had no say in, the Delaware GOP has now had to stand at O'Donnell's side with a grimace of a smile as it now supports a candidate it previously had placed in the "not electable as a dogcatcher in the state" category.

Hmm, now that witches, Karl Rove, rank and file Republicans, and dogcatchers have all been dissed in the campaign to get O'Donnell her first full-time paid (by unlucky taxpayers) job, what other groups will be denegrated by their loose association with Ms. O'Donnell?

The Delaware Car Wreck continues.......


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