Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Wrong Point of an Argument

Currently, it seems the biggest argument nationwide regarding building/renovating in NYC is about the non-mosque Islamic Center that will be (maybe) going to be situated near a Adult Men's Club in downtown NYC.  So....there will be one building where women will be more than fully clothed close to a building where women will be BAREly clothed.  An interesting juxtapositional state of things; a state of affairs that always makes NYC an interesting place to visit.   My opinion as regards this national conversation?   I and every other non-residing in NYC American should just butt out.  This is a LOCAL issue, IMHO, not a national one, and from what I've read, New Yorkers, in general, are not against the conversion of the abandoned Burlington Coat Factory retail store into an Islamic Center.

The proposed real estate change that SHOULD BE discussed nationally is the purported plans of a very tall, very slablike, very undistunguished building allegedly to be erected near Penn Station.  What a monstrosity and what a stupid decision to place it such that views of the Empire State Building would be diminished!   From afar, mid-Manhattan should always be dominated by the Empire State and the Chrysler Buildings.  Old-fashioned POV from a guy who lived in Jersey and always got a thrill of seeing those two buildings as he drove into the City for another interesting turn of events.   The more things change the more certain things should stay the same.

Save the View!


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