Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Word

The Guardian weighs in today with their take on the best on-line dictionary.  This, in wake of the announcement that the newest version of the golden standard, the OED, will NOT be available in hardcover.
A shame.  I still have my dual volume going back over 30 years that came with the complimentary magnifying glass that allows careful sifting through the onion-skin paper.  The books still have the smell of Olde English words from the 1400's.

A new on-line dictionary to me, as mentioned by the Guardian, is OneLook.  It's one of those look and click and click and click sites, as the main site is tied to 1,060 different dictionaries.  At last count, the site willl provide insight into 18,967,499 words.

The Guardian's preferred dictionary of choice?  The print version of Collins; the pocket version is the one available for free online.  No Kindle version available.  Yet.

Aside:  Speaking of words, anyone familiar with compikaze?  A most useful word in these dangerous online times.  Maybe that'll the main market for those web-access minimal software loaded $35 Indian computers?  Use 'em 'til they're infected.  Then, discard and start anew.


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