Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sad Day in Philly

A few days after making national news with threats of taxing/licensing bloggers, Philly's enforcement agents (which specific agents they were seems to be in question...see the link) seized the goods and the truck of The Cupcake Lady on Tuesday, August the 24th.

That night, in Citizen's Bank Park, a minor league umpire, Scott Barry, decided that Philly seems to be the place to exercise excessive vested power.  He ejected Ryan Howard, Philly's top power hitter, in the bottom of the 14th inning of a tense and interesting game against Houston.  The Astros, loaded with ex-Phillies, went on to win 4-2 in 16 innings.   Howard's ejection left a Phiilies bench bereft of position players so Roy Oswalt, a Houston Astro..make that a disgruntled Houston Astro just a month ago, went out to left filed for the Phils.  Being there last night was testament as to how much more a live game carries for the fan than simply watching it on the tube.  The crowd's incredibly loud serenading of Oswalt as he sauntered out way past his usual pitching mound territory toward left field left no doubt as to which team has the game's best fans.

Tonight, Roy Halladay, Phillies' Cy Young Contender, against Jay Haap, a Phillie a scant month ago.  The fans will be vocally armed and dangerous, waiting for just one slip from the umpiring crew that has now cost them the last two games.  At least 2 members of the 4 man crew will probably be eying where the nearest exit is at all times.

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