Thursday, August 05, 2010

Luckily, Blogging Isn't My Job Or I...

..would have fired me a while back.  My attendance on this site seems to have been rather...uhmmmm...spotty of late.  With the recent (seems month-long) heat wave here in the Mid-Atlantic, lethargy has taken hold.  I've been reading quite a bit, i.e., enjoying the creative pains of someone else.  What has consumed me, what with the heat, the reading, the beat-me-up beating-down sun, is an appreciation for writers of the 1800's and 1900's from the Deep South.  How did Faulkner create such master works in the Age Sans A/C?  Did he write only at night?  Did he basically take a mulligan on the summer (that being from early April to early October)?  Or, most probably, am I a Heat Punk?  The short amoutns of time I spent in Florida convinced me that I'd never EVER be able to live down there.  Even a few years in North Carolina were too much.  Now, it seems even Delaware is too much heat.

I'll be seriously considering retiring to Newfoundland in 10-15 years.  Interesting, but introverted, people.   Mostly a cold climate.  CLiffs to jump off of if the heat wave extends that far north.  Yeah.  Newfoundland might just be the place to fend off the 95-100 degree days.

Well, after what seems an eternity, I'll be hosting the Morning After show this Sunday on WVUD, 91.3, Newark, DE.  Tons of great new music; limiting myself to 3 hours of music will be most difficult.  So, if you're holed up somewhere cool, like a cave or a full-blast droning A/C room, tune in form 9 'til 12 EST this Sunday morning.  I will attempt to send you a cold breeze of sound.

On the WWW, you can listen from this floating point or from here..

Update, 8/17/10:  Playlist for the show is here.

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