Thursday, July 08, 2010

It Depends How You Look At It: Slovenija Finishes..SECOND!!! the World Cup this year.  From the Guardina, this piece calculates the success of each country in this year's competition and judges that Uruguay won, Slovenija came in at second, with Paraguay in a very close third.

Go to the link and in the lower right hand side of the article,
click on View by Population >> and voila.....
Based on Slovenija's population of 2,053.269, and their (just out of 2nd place) third place finish in their group, Slovenija really was the 2nd best team in the competition.

Most dismal showing?  UHmmmmm, Nigeria and the USA.  Here in the States, person for person, we tied with Nigeria.  Even the French, with their self-immolatign performance came out higher.  UGhhhh!?!?


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