Wednesday, July 14, 2010


..such as,
Roberto Benigni
Bertrand Blier
Jim Jarmusch
John Cleese
Guy Ritchie
Nick Hornby
Gérard Depardieu
Bruce Springsteen

..who had NOT signed this petition nor this one.

Milan Kundera!  Mike Nichols! Wes Anderson!  Guillermo del Toro!  Terry Gilliam!  Jonathan Demme!   Shame on you.

Woody Allen?  Not a surprise, a signature of "empathy" (and self-deluded thinking).

A short piece here and here as commentary on Polanski's release from house-arrest and denial by the Swiss government on his extradtion back to the USA.

My opinion?  You did the crime.  You do the time.  And the crime involves an adult and a child?  No statutes of limitation on that one as far as I'm concerned.


Signing a petition like those two really does suggest suggest a characteristic more troubling than a temporary lapse in judgment. I'm especially baffled by the women who signed.
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