Monday, June 28, 2010

You Can Break My Heart, But Don't Be..

..stealing my gaccis.   England bowed out of the World Cup, 4-1 to Germany in a game blessed with more abad officiating.  Having broken many English hearts, they must have been relieved to find out that at least their underwear and some USA World Cup jerseys were found after being stolen.

The amaizng part of the story for me?  There seems to be a special World Cup court that was set up.  The thiefs, employess of the facility where the English team was staying, were not only caught.  They were tried, convicted, and are already putting in their time.  If only FIFA acted so swiftly with their referee related crimes, I wouldn't have to be making feeble excuses to my acquaintances that, contrary to what their eyes were seeing, that, yes, there actually was officiating goign on during the games.


I nominate FIFA take care of BP.
Re: reffing, I didn't think the game was too badly reffed. The disallowed goal was more than unfortunate, but I think that's an administrative issue: video consultation should have been a FIFA norm decades ago.

I also don't think the goal was that significant a game changer. England's team was exhausted by the second half, while Germany was ready to play another 90 minutes.
Have to disagree with you about that goal. Germany definitely was the better team and deservedly won.
Had that goal been (correctly) allowed, the score would have been tied and the English tactics would have been (more tactically boringly) conservative and they would not have been open to the Germans' strength, their counter-attack. Would England have lost anyway? Most probably...but luck sometimes plays a larger part than expected, so you never know in a one game elimination. Luck, unfortunatley, didn't play a part for England in that game; simply criminally atrocious reffing.
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