Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Which Rooney?

In an earlier post, Alcessa relayed her trepidation on today's BIG GAME, Slovenia v. England.  In a reponse comment I (hopefully) allayed her fears.  A good pont to make, though, is that we fans of Slovenia want a certain Rooney to be present at the 10:00 am EST match.  Guess which one?  I detect fans from the Other Side rooting for Slovenia.

Slovenia - 1
England - 0

Rooney red-carded toward end of 1st half.
Nick Hornby drops Football for something less dangerous to one's nerves, like knife-throwing.


Still nervous, but very much less so, thank you. Am still watching with only one eye...

But tell me: could it be that USA lost a goal because of a referee again?
Congratulations America. I mean it :-)
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