Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pre-Big Game News (Deja Vu)

Well, prior to yesterday's games, when everything seemed possible, such as both Slovenija AND the USA going on to the next round, this post on Sleeping With Pengovsky was a hopeful harbinger of what was to come.  Unfortunately, England, unlike the main British character in the linked story, was able to find the target and we all know what happened, as regards the next round of World Cup 2010.
England in.  USA in.  Slovenia....looking forward to Brazil in 2014.

NB:  Mr. Pengovsky's site is always interesting.  He occasionally has NSFW postings and his blog's banner is most certainly NSFW.  As he put it a while ago...he is a Vital Man.   But...the post I linked to AND the commentary that follows is most definitely worth the click.

Addendum: From Alcessa, a link to a Guardian story re. Slovenian Fan Reaction.


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