Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not in the Cards

We've seen the last of France, Thierry Henry (and his hand) and the sartorially resplendent Raymond Domenech in this year's World Cup.  Falling to the bottom of their group at no wins, France has departed the World Football Stage in a memorable auto de fé that has kept the team at center stage for the past 2 weeks in South Africa...a rather strange presence considering their incredibly poor play here.

Sounds as if the Little People, aside from being the bearers of secret and special coinage, have taken up some sort of Celtic Voodoo since November, 2010 .   Strong voodoo it is, as France not only has played poorly but their entire team has gone dysfunctional in the last week.  The team has tarnished the entire country...it'll be a long flight home for the Les Bleus...who will have 10 and 1/2 hours to be singing the Blues. Adieu!


Even Zidane seems to have experienced embarrassment on behalf of his former team.
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