Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 23rd. A Huge Day.

O.K.  Here's how it looks for tomorrow 10:00 am EST.

Team USA v. Algeria

Slovenia v. England

1) Slovenia WINS or TIES, the Green Dragons are into the next round.
2) USA WINS, on to the next round.
3) England WINS, on to the next round.
4) USA TIES, on to the next round if England LOSES or if England TIES but the Goal Difference favors USA.
5) Algeria WINS AND England LOSES or TIES, Algeria advances.
6) If ALL of the teams WIN or if they all LOSE, a BLACK HOLE opens up in South Africa and swallows 31 teams and all of the FIFA referees.  France is the only team not swallowed as they've left South africa a long time ago.  Some French citizens bellieve they never even arrived in the first place.


It is also Day D for Germany: if they lose to Ghana... And Serbia...

I still don't know whether I am able to watch the Slovenia match. All that adrenalin... Plus, the general mood has moved towards "Of course England will win" just about everywhere and I hate that. Should even Slovenian players believe England should win ... :-( I mean: look at Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Spain... they are not doing their best, either.
Polako..samo polako... (Slowly...simply slowly)
Here's what's going to happen.
England's Rooney will act like this Rooney and go into a tizzy about a remark made regarding his height, i.e., his lack thereof. He'll be promptly red-carded when he head-butts one of the officials (or perhaps all of them).

The Three Lions will be all upset as they'll be losing their Anger Leader, thus slipping into a type of play where passing will become paramount and scoring? Not so much. The Green Dragons, being Slavic, will, of course, be initially shocked so that whenever they do get the ball will immediatley surrender it so they can watch how the English are excellent at passing but scoring? Well, we know abotu that.
Eventually, Slovenia will realize that they are a man up and start playing as if they do desire a goal or two.

End result: Slovenia 1 England 0. Riots break out throughout the British Isles.
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