Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Not the Size That Matters

In this year's World Cup, Slovenia has had the honor of being the smallest country qualifying for the competition.  So, tiny is the key adjective the hapless and lexicon-less press has resorted to.  Wish I could buy these scribes an adjective aside from tiny.  I'm astounded when the Green Dragons take to the pitch to see that, size wise, these guys aren't tiny; in fact they tend to be the tallest players in that game.  That (what I'd thought were) fine newspapers like the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal and news organizations like ABC can only come up tiny as their descriptive for this beautiful, exciting, and must-see country tells me how lazy these sit-on-their-broad-as-a-battleship-arses journalists truly are.

May they choke on their Roget's!   That is, if they even know what it is.

For those of you new to this site, let me introduce myself.  I originally came from a country once quaintly described by that "Titan" of sportscasters, Bob Costas as "Teeny, Tiny Croatia".


Nahhhhh, not moi.


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