Thursday, June 17, 2010

It COULD Happen..

While Slovenija is no Switzerland, neither is Team USA no Spain.  (Is that way too many negatives to make my point clear?)

So, tomorrow, it may be possible for the Green Dragons to defeat Los Americanos.
How, You may Ask?
1) A Red Card is given to Tim Howard within the first 10 minutes of the match for the crime of playing exceedingly well.
2) The put-you-to-Sleep defense of Slovenija lulls the Americans such that they are strewn all over the pitch, curled up in deep dreaming-of-ice cream-slumber, allowing even the hapless Slovenian offense to score against the replacement goalie who, also, conveniently has shut his eyes to nap.
3) The game is stopped so that Bojan Jokic can correct the announcers' and Team USA's pronunciaiton of "Slovenija".  While he is giving these lessons, the world tilts on its axis and the ball naturally rolls into the Team USA net.   These lessons will continue until an insurmountable lead is achieved, say 10-0.
4) The constant buzz of the vuvuvzela has unhinged the mind of the bus driver of Team USA.   The bus does not arrive until the game is 20 minutes into the 2nd half, giving Slovenija enough time to score 3 goals on the pitch manned only by 1 team.   Much discussion of Brotherhood and Sharing during the first 65 minutes has prevented the team from playing more demonstratively and productively.

Other than this, a Nil-Nil draw is the best that Slovenija can hope for.

Addendum, barely related to this post, but it is a vuvuzela thing:
Folks, I think Philly and especially Philly fans get it in the ear wat too much. I did not mean that literally, as opposed to this Yankee fan who did opt to give a Phillie fan an earful.  As any self-respecting Philly fan knows/remembers, it was in NYC (well actually Giants Stadium, NJ), where people were seriously injured due to stupidity of home-town fans involved in ice-ball fights.
(Oh...and that pelting Santa with snowballs in Philly thing that occurred in the last CENTURY???...even Santa agreed it was well-deserved).


He he... That's my idea, too. You'll all be sleeping within 5 minutes :-)

On the other hand... You should let us win, it would be very good for you. Because if you do, 85% of Americans will suddenly know, where Slovenia is and also, why exactly it is not Slovakia. (the remaining 15 % are ex-Yugoslavs)...

So, which will it be: a deep sleep or a geography gain?
i'm guessing.... the geography.. we will win, of course, if not only by ability of our team (Slovenia, that is,of course :)), than by the over-confidience of the usa-team... and their fans :) still - not sure that will help to know anything beyond the borders of usa....soooo doubtful... again and again, and again... never never the usa will learn that Earth is round :) sad, really..isn?t it?.. considering the origin still? sad, really....
1) I AM cheering for Slovenija...I thought that you can tell form my previous posts?
2) Why are you not spelling it with a "J"? How else will people pronounce it correctly?
3) Why did Slovenija vote to hold up Croatia's admission to the EU by 1 year? That's not what neighbours to their neighbours.
4) Deep Sleep or Geogrpahy Gain? I'm thinking it could be both.

1) I know you are. :-))) I thought I was the one who wasn't. :-) (just responding to the beautiful tone of this post is all)

2) he he, SLJOVENIA, then.
3) Because both sides are too stupid to be good neighbours and need to be taught this role. I think I may be right. You know, I come from a part of Slovenija that's quite near the Croatian border. I was quite shocked when I found out the borders of my youth have been moved northwards by our southern neighbours.... But then, I am even more shocked at what Slovenian politics has done so far to keep Croatia frustrated. Not good.
4) It is certainly going to be deep sleep, no choice there. On the other hand... Le Bleu just lost to Mexico... :-D
if I may...
1.)didn't read it..yet..sorry :( will now
2.) really sorry for missing "J" - SloveniJa (force of habbit) - tnx :)
3.) homo hominis lupus... still we'll come in most to holliday to Croita and U will in winter to Rogla :) neigbourgh to neigbourgh (politicans excluded)- never never had bad expirience - so: in good/positive way
4.) still sure - only geography :) no no sleeping :) surely!!!
My Dear Alcessa,
I'm sorry that I mis-understood your initial reply. Must be my overfroth excitement in lieu of tomorrow's game. So, will the whole country be shut down? (Slovenija, I mean, not Germany)
Jou. (I'd be (will be) rooting for Croatia if they play(ed), too - I did in 2006.)

I will have to watch 2 matches tomorrow: 13.30 PM Germany versus Serbia (I'll be rooting for Germany) and 16.00 PM Slovenia - USA (Slovenija!). Don't know about Slovenija, but I they did talk quite a lot about the employees' rights to watch their team play here, so if German bosses will mostly allow their slaves to watch, Slovenia will surely stand still, open-mouthed. :-)
HERE is a proof Croatia's rooting for us like a good neighbour! Kudos.
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