Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He Who Blows.....

.... may turn out looking this!   Yeah, yeah, there are other health hazards of the vuvuzelas as well.   But come on, a little hearing loss is nothing when compared to returning home from South Africa with a rather grayish pallor and bat-sized ears, wouldn't you say?

n.b.:  Picture captured from here. Tip-o-da-hat to Mr. Hassan Anmar for capturing the true horrors of excessive horn-blowing.


That's certainly what I'd look like after hearing that racket for nearly a month. I'm just grateful it ends when I shut of the TV.
i don't mind the vuvuzelas that much. i actually don't notice them until somebody points them out. however, i used to go to sleep to AM radio. so, i have a loving and accepting relationship with gray noise.
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