Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday. Slovenija. Work.

Unfortuantely, here in the States, as opposed to other countries, it is not a National Holiday even though TEAM USA is playing Slovenija in the World Cup.  So, it's dress down day today, so I thought I'd do the dress down to Slovenija day.

10:00 am EST.  Fingers crossed.  Hope that Team USA is still exhausted by their tie with England last Saturday.  If Howard, Donovan, Deuce, and Gooch play up to expectations, it will not be a pretty day for the Boys from the Julian Alps.

For the Green Dragons, there's always hope, right?  I'm still holding out for 1 - 0, Slovenija (...and then have Algeria beat England, thus still giving TEAM USA a chance for the next round).


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