Friday, June 18, 2010

England....Playing it Safe

England, feeling prickly after last Saturday's draw with Team USA, has opted to go conservative, putting Daivd (Calamity) James into goal, replacing the unfortunate goat (but all around gentleman) Robert Green.  British fans, responding to the "If You Play, Play it Safe" campaign, donned skin-tight & English branded body condoms.

Half-time score, Nil - Nil against Algeria.  Trying to figure out the higher math that England is employing in their calculated path toward the next round.  After 2 games, Slovenia is on top of Group C with 4 points, followed by the USA at 2.  At this rate, England will also be at 2 and Algeria at 1.  With one more game left for all of these countries and England still pursuing the Play it Safe philosophy, it may be Slovenia and the USA in the next round.....  Playing it Safe seems awfully dangerous to me  but I'm no Newton.


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