Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dancing Well-Dressed Marxists

Located on the cusp of Cambridgeport and Cambridge in Boston, a few blocks from a most superb Chinese restaurant, Mary Chung's (eat the the t-shirt), the Center for Marxist Education shares an entrance at 550 Massachussets Avenue with the Boston Dance Company and Le Couturier House of Alterations.   A multiple self-improvement cornucopia of possibilities.  The Mind.  The Body.  The Clothes.  Now if they could just convince a mini home-improvement center to move in, this address may just be the perfect place to park oneself in pursuit of the Big Change.

Had to take this pic as we were strolling by the interesting places of business on this side of the Charles.

Oh, yeah.  Not to forget.  Best ice cream, well at least in Cambridge, MA, has got be Toscanini's.  Continuous provision of new flavours and twist on old favorties.   "Vienna Finger Cream" was a revelation on the crushed cookie ice cream family.   There was a low hum of YUM! in the air as we queued up for our cones and our cups.


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