Friday, June 18, 2010

The Charlie Browns. Winners (Hope I'm not Jinxing Them)

My son, who has a 37.5% Croatian and 12.5% Slovenian blood mix can't help but call the Slovenians, the Charlie Browns.  Yeah, yeah their true nickname is the Green Dragons.  But...come on...  The Charlie Browns?  How can you NOT cheer for these guys?

Addendum, after the game:
1) Sorry Guys!  I jinxed you!
2) Defense!!!!  Why didn't you play with what brought you here?!!?
3) Team USA.  Truly an incredible comeback and a well-deserved draw, although....
4)...if it wasn't for some truly atrocious officiating, Team USA should have won based on a beautifully crossed ball that was poked into the net but subsequently reveersed on an offside call.  Coach Bradley and the boys should be truly and deservedly p.o.-ed.   The referreeing was the worst since....oh, yeah, the previous game today where Serbia beat Germany, 1-0, while Germany played with 10 men for the majority of the game due to some out-of-this-galaxy referring.

So....who says football/soccer is a boring game?  Hands up, please!


A BEAUTIFUL GAME! Sorry for the goal that wasn't acknowledged.
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