Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Bummer and Not...

Big Bummer:
Slovenia is out of the World Cup.
 @ 10:00 am EST, they were sitting at the top of their group.
 @ 11:48 am EST, they were sitting 2nd in the group, ready to move on.
 @ 11:49 am EST, Landon Donovan scored in injury time after the 90 minutes of regular game time had dissipated.  Jozy Altidore (oops!) Clint Dempsey was stopped on a breakaway by goalkeeper Rais Bolihi of Algeria and Donovan swooped in to clean up the rebounded shot.
@ 11:49 am EST, Slovenia slipped from 2nd to 3rd and, thus, to out of this year's World Cup.
An incredibly steep fall in such a short time.

Well, if anyone were to score and deserved to score it was great to see Donovan do it.  He was the most involved player of the game (most # of touches, 67, during the match) and, obviously, the Man of the Match (player of the game).  A rakija to all of the Slovenian players for making it to the 362nd minute of World Cup play before being eliminated.

USA is in, in fact, they just finished at the top of their group!

What great games (from what I heard).  Can't wait for the replays tonight.

So,  in four years in Brazil perhaps we'll get a chance to see Slovenia again.  And Croatia, of course!


See you in Brazil! :-)

(bravo, Donovan)
hopefully next world cup, i won't be in the lost world of fan-dom. let's go hrvatska.
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