Friday, May 21, 2010

Passage, Tipping Point, Fork in Road..

...take your pick.
It's been a wild and woolly 2+ weeks getting ready for, going through, and then closing shop on graduation from a truly fine institution up in Pittsburgh.  We didn't get the pleasure of listening to the wit and insight of one Bill Cosby, but Ian Rawson, Managing Director of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti did just fine.  As usual, Carnegie Mellon's Event staff did a superb job, even arranging through some complicated algorithm for a supremely gorgeous day.  Well,  at least according to President Jared Cohon's assessment of the Provost's role in the day's sunshine and low 70's temps.  Who were we to disagree?

Like most parents these days, the Ever-Loving Wife and I were nervous before my daughter went to college, when she chose a college, when she was at college, and now, naturally, that she's out of college in this "sputtering-can't-get-into-the-right-gear" economy.  But, we are quite happy as to her experiences and especially to the multitude things that Carnegie-Mellon U. did for her.  It was more than the right decision for her to attend CMU; it was a trans formative experience.  With the exception of The HUB, the financial services branch of the university and a place that sends shudders & chills to both students and parents alike, I can't imagine a university with as many capable, interested, caring, humorous, and insightful people in every position there.  From administration, to health services, to the fine Professors and associated teaching staff, to event organization staffs, CMU is top notch (again, except for The Hub, which, I believe, was referred to in Dante's little tome).  The end result is that CMU attracts high-caliber, diverse, motivated, and interesting students.  All of the right ingredients make for a most interesting ever-evolving stew.

The fact that CMU is located in the always-interesting Pittsburgh simply completes the story.  I can't speak for my daughter, but yours truly will be missing visits to Carnegie Mellon U and to Pittsburgh.  We all grew up as a family the last four years.

Now, if only life going forward can offer (and my daughter can recognize the offers!) as many learning opportunities?!!!?  Then, maybe parental worries would dissipate....

...yeah, right.

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A high recommendation for CMU, DV, and hearty congratulations to everyone graduating (including the parents). As for further learning opportunities, there are always road trips. You've done Banff. How about a little further north?
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