Monday, April 26, 2010

Theory Of Ice - She Alights Again

Ms. E is back with her occasional post.  As usual, saying her posts are about hockey is like saying Crime & Punishment is about a Russian with a temper.  She reeks with talent.


I'm frankly relieved to see her focusing on teams other than her beloved Habs. Even I, a nominal fan at best, have found their play to be nearly unbearable to watch in this series.
I'm rethinking that last thought: the series with Pittsburgh has been edge-of-my-seat watching.
I hesitated to reply on your first comment, as I thought the Habs were ab-fab against the Capitals (revealling a LOT of holes in Washington's game and putting the whole Presidential Cup Trophy thing into question).

I agree with you that the Habs-Canadiennes series is a must-watcher. Personally, my loyalaties are torn. Old times sake, I want Montreal to advance while Pittsburgh's draw for me is more familial.

...just as long as Detroit doesn't make it to the Finals, I'll be a happy man ('though their coach is a McGill guy).
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