Friday, April 09, 2010

Quickie Recommendations Based on ACTUAL Reading

For any visitor to this site who has read any of my postings regarding a trip a few years back to the Land Of Croats (written tidbits are listed on the right sidebar) AND who thought I was excessively spooning out exaggeration as I typed (especially with this story) I strongly advise you to read David Samuels' "The Pink Panthers" in this week's (April 12,2010) New Yorker.   Perhaps, I should have kept on spooning.   The wonder of the article is that Mr. Samuels is alive to write the tale.  It is best read to oneself employing a heavy Slavic accent; I will be requesting my Ever Loving Wife to read it to me with her practiced style.  Although I'm the one who was actually born in the Old Coutnry, it is she who has the accent down.  Pear-fekt!

Kindling Peter Hessler's "Country Driving" and "Imperial Life in the Emerald City

" by Rajiv Chandrasekaran.   Both non-fiction books are thrilling, hilarious, and (epecially Mr. Chandrasekaran's book) downright frightening.   Excellently written, I've breezed through, put the Kindle in reverse, and driven through again.

Elif Batuman's "The Possessed: Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them" has been moved from the nightstand, to the coffee table, and on into my car.  It is with me most of the time.   The collection of interconnected stories are evidence that Comparative Literature Grad students can be humorous, adventurous, uninhibited, and perspicacious.  Just wish Ms. Batuman had written more, well actually anything!, about  growing up in New Jersey, a foreign land onto itself and one requiring closer Graduate Work study.  She is a sly writer who credits the reader with bringing in their own book-reading history to her stories.   She must be an absolute hoot to travel with; if her grad work doesn't pan out, she should open up a pan-Slavic travle agency.  She already had extensive experience at writing for travel guide companies.


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