Friday, April 23, 2010

Need a Little Pep in Your Mode of Transportation?

Don't want to shell out big bucks for a vehicle of questionable performance?  Tempted by the low-hanging highly-priced Apple on the tree?  Disappointed and confused by things out of your range of comprehension?  Needing a break from the complexity of today's stupidities?

I offer a simple solution.

Pick yourself up a copy of Kings Go Forth's "The Outsiders Are Back".  Personally guaranteed to put some pep into your hep, make your 4 cylinder behave like a 6, rejuvinate your out-of-use toe-tapping-sedate-shoe-wearing feet, and put a smile on your ever souring puss.

Plop this cd into your car or home stereo (for you young whipper-snappers, explanations to follow another time) and experience the immediate cathartic sound waves eminating from the cd.  Kings Go Forth are 10 guys out of the Midwest who are solid, not great, musicians demonstrating that sometimes you have to have body mass to generate great music.  Their enthusiasm is infectious, their performance energy is high.  The recording has a funky recording style, like older mono records, (think Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings recordings), that, IMHO, don't do the group justice.  These folks must be GREAT live.  Tight, Curtic Mayfield/Sly & Family Stone like.  Check out their MySpace offerings especially "High on Your Love" and "Don't Take My Shadow".
Crank it up.  Shed some worries.

Summer's almost here and "The Outsiders are Back" is the first great recording this year to bring the summer feelings on.

This Sunday, I'll most certainly be playing some selections on what looks to be a morbid weather day.


first time I played this CD, I thought Curtis Mayfield "Move On Up". Fantastic album.
We must be related.
I thought the same thing when I was listening to it. This and the Trombone Shorty CD are the soundtracks for my summer.
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