Monday, March 01, 2010

The WINNER of all of the Losers

My Ever-Loving Wife reminded me of this Jerry Seinfeld routine, upon hearing of last night's valiant but unfortunate losing effort in the gold medal game of Olympic hockey by Team USA to the host country, Canada.

From the Washington Post (ht to Whisky Prajer), USA defenseman Jack Johnson , a student of the observational life humour of Mr. Seinfeld commented after the game,

"We're pretty devastated," ..... "In any hockey event, you lose a silver medal. You don't win it. You win a gold, and you win a bronze. You lose a silver. It's just the way it is. In time, we're all going to be very proud of what we did, but it's not what we came here to do."

Jack, Jerry feels your pain...and gets a laugh out of it.

Addendum: Studies (counterfactual thinking) and reality show that winning silver is not conducive to your health.


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