Monday, March 22, 2010

"Bloggers Aren't Real Writers."

Maximillian Meehan, bouncer/booker/social commentator at Austin's Beerland had this to say about the smoking ban instituted in Austin back in 2004: 

"They say it's on behalf of employees, said Max Meehan, a nonsmoker who mans the door at Beerland. "But you don't have to be a bartender or a waitress. Get employment elsewhere."

He said the plan would hurt business — Beerland earns as much as 16 percent of its sales from tobacco, he said — and lead to further restrictions on nightlife.

"It's gateway fascism," he said. "If it's such a public hazard, why push people into the streets? The whole thing is dreamed up by suburban schoolmarms."

Why bring Mr. Meehan's name up?
Well...this gem of his opinionating ways came up in the NYT ongoing review of the just concluded annual SXSW festival.

His short epistle reminded me of John Kruk's timeless response to an elderly woman's inquiry as to his employable qualities, which was, "Lady, I ain't no athlete. I'm a baseball player."


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