Monday, February 15, 2010

Trying to Cadge a 2010 Vancouver Olympics Opinion

Last night, for me, was disheartening. There is only one thing I'd rather not be watching on tv more than gymnastics or bowling and that's figure skating.
Yes, you truly DO have to be quite athletic and fit to skate.
Yes, you DO have to be strong, flexible, and loaded with tons of resolve to make it in the grinding-to-the-bone world of figure-skating.
Yes, Scott Hamilton, like his predecessor Dick Button and the cockroach/Keith Richards like Dick Clark, seems like he has been and will be here for all of eternity.

But, I simply can't stand watching not even one second of the saccharine over-loaded ice spectacles..., perhaps, for the always entertaining melodrama that is Johnny Weir.

And this is nothing to say about the Notally Bad Commentary version of events we're seeing stateside. After a few luge runs, I thought I could be doing the commentating since it was so predictable. ("Bad start", "Losing time", "Slow curve").

Then, on the way to work this morning, WIP announced that the US-Canada hockey game on Feb 21 would be pre-empted by Ice Dancing. Ice Dancing? Are you serious? NBC is the broadcast network of the NHL and they're pre-empting a great hockey showdown with Ice Dancing? Where has sports broadcasting in this country sunk down to where Ice Dancing aces Ice Hockey?

I was wondering if I could hook up with CTV. In Canada, the games will be the first Olympic Games broadcast by a new consortium led by CTVglobemedia and Rogers Media, displacing previous broadcaster CBC Sports. Main English-language coverage will be shown on the CTV Television Network, while supplementary programming will be mainly shown on TSN and Rogers Sportsnet.

Anybody out there know of that possibility? I'd be willing to pay big (Canadian) dollars! That is, as long as they minimize (or even better, don't even show) figure skating broadcasts.


I haven't confirmed this, but I wonder if you couldn't watch CTV via the internet? I watched Jr. Hockey World Cup that way. It's not as gratifying a spectacle as it would be on your iceberg-sized flat-screen, I'm sure, but you still get the goods.

Oh, and I don't mind watching figure skating. The ladies are easy on the eyes.
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