Friday, February 26, 2010

Perfectly Good Game (About to Be) Ruined

Well, Curling has probably reached its apex of appeal and innocence.  Per the NYT, Wall Street has now fallen in love (and you know how short and messy THAT usually ends up) with the sport, thanks to CNBC.

So, expect Curling to shortly tumble into obscurity, banrupcy, ill-repute, etc. since the Boys of Greed have now taken to this gentle repaste.  Another fine event (to be) ruined.

A shame.  I fell in love with Curling back in my college days up in Montreal, where Curling clubs were quiet places to escape the paper-churning pressures that were part of McGill U.   Equipped with a flask of Moose Milk and a small entourage of equally attentive students, a 2 hour visit at a Curling match was usually what the doctor ordered to instill of calm into the storm of self-induced academic brouhaha.

An aside:  Mike Babcock, hockey coach of Team Canada in this year's Olympics is a McGill alumni.  He played defence for the univereity's team, the Redmen.  Four women from this year's Olympic champion hockey team also graduated and skated for McGill.


"Screech" -- that was a brand that pretty much said it all with its name. And curling: what other sport insists the winners pay for the losers' post-game drinks?
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