Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh, Canada 3,

USA, 2.

Simply a fabulous game and a shame one team had to end up with silver.  Ryan Miller, Team USA's goalie received the unofficial Player of the Series designation and a rousing cheer from the home crowd when his name was announced at the silver medal award ceremonies.

Credit to Team Canada, a more talented team with a huge burden on its shoulder ( FOUR million people in  Canada watched the announcements on TV when the members of the tema were (simply) chosen.  It could have folded, especially after Teasm USA tied the game 2-2 with less than 25 seconds left (Zach Parise (of the NJ Devils!), the perpetual hustling one, banged it in past the struggling Roberto Luongo.

But then, in the sudden death OT period, Sid the Kid deeked past USA Defender Brian Rafalski and put a quick wrist shot between Miller's pads.  A most suitable way to end the game, the series, the Vancouver Olympics.  It would have been criminal to end this game with a shootout, which would have resulted if the O/T period finished scoreless.


OT worked out quite well; a shoot-out would have had me gnashing my teeth for years to come.

And Miller was indeed the anchor for Team USA. But three minutes into period one I pointed out Zach Parise to my daughter and said, "He's going to be dangerous." What I would have given to eat those words at the end of the third period ... I couldn't begin to express my frustration-bordering-on-contempt for Team Canada at that time. I was gratified for the conclusion, if only because it saved me many long conversations on the playground, in the post-office and at the cafe regarding what we did wrong.

An excellent, thrilling series of hockey games. The USA should be very very proud.
After a good night's sleep, I concur with you as regards the results of the game except for the following:
1) Rather than Crosby (who actually came off rather well in an interview he gave immediatley after the game with an NBC talking head. He sometimes leaves an impression of smarmy arrogance that leaves you wanting to give him a good facial glove massage), I'd wish it were someone like the Bruins' Patrice Bergeron who scored the game winner. Crosby doesn;t need the additional press, although, save for his lack of scoring, I thought Sid had a good series.

2) Team Canada, like the Philadelphia Iggles, inspires an inexhaustible wealth of Weltschmerz when the team encounters difficulties. Now, while immediate needs are satisfied with a victory, there's nothing like a loss, especially one on a major stage like the Olympic finals or, in the case of the Iggles the NFC championship or Super Bowl, that provides material for endless conversations of the world, as we know it, ending. Being of Slavic origin, I much prefer the falling-off-the-cliff loss; sorrow makes the fan's heart grow fonder (and weaker).....
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