Thursday, February 25, 2010


That about sums up my thoughts on yesterday's Olympic hockey games.  The only thnig to decide is which game was more frightening.
This one?
this one?

So...which Canadian team will show up (if all goes to plan) in the final.  The Team Canada, which seemed unearthly (and finally playing up to the sum of its components) in its brutally quick dismantling of Team Russia (anyone out there get the feeling the Russkies were getting paid in platinum for folding quickly and completely)?  Who was that guy in nets for them?  It wasn't this Nabokov; any chance it was this Nabokov..(I know!  I know!  The latter's been dead for quite a while, but the Russian guy between the pipes had a cadaverish performace last night).   Look, the Canadians were playing like a house afire and they probably woudl have won anyway, but I was sorely disappointed with the game.  I was sure the Canada-Russia game was going to be THE BEST game of the entire Olympics.
Or the Team Canada that wilted agaisnt the US in the preliminaries?

And how 'bout the USA team?  Which one will show up at the Finals? I know the Canadians had equal problems with the Swiss that the US did last night...but the US had 2 games against the Swiss and you think they would have figured things out as to how to play them.  Team USA did not play as well against the Swiss last night as they did the first tiem they played them this Olympics.  And the Swiss?  Well, they certainly seemed eager to make it to the semi-finals. Thank God that the Devils' Zach Parise showed up for the game.

I'm not trying to hop to the finals, folks.  Really.

Slovakia beat the Russians as did Team Canada last night.  The Candians play the Slovaks on Friday.  And the Americanos?  Well, Finland is no pushover; frankly Team Suomi makes me quite nervous; those socks they are sporting are mesmerizing and may take away Team USA's attention from the puck and the matters at hand.

So, Friday night.  Phone off the hook, dog fed and walked and given a large leather chew, ever-loving wife complimented to the nines.  No distractions; just sitting and watching.  Nervously.


I had to grit my teeth and watch the highlights, unfortunately: the girls were performing with their school band in a local music festival. Between performances the festival hosts would update the score, resulting in cheers that were inevitably louder than the ones that greeted their children.

I have hopes that the Canadians will achieve a narrow win over Halak and the Slovakian team, fueling their thirst for further victory while keeping sloppy-elation in check.
Maestro, cue up Jiminy Cricket...
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