Thursday, February 25, 2010

Attention! New Word to Me. Gibbet. You can look it up.

In his proposed, tongue-in-bitter-cheek, solution to the results of the 7-3 shellacking recieved by Team Russia last night in the 2010 Olympic quarter-finals, the Russian coach, Vyacheslav Bykov, suggested that "Yeah, let's bring some guillotines and gibbets. We have 35 men in the hockey team, let's kill them on the Red Square!

Gibbet?  Yep.  I assumed there was a mis-spelling of the translation and the word should have been "giblet", although I'm not sure what killing, Red Square, "giblets" and guillotines have to do with each other.  But then ,heck, every country has its own peculiar customs.


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