Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ashley MacIssac @ 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Well, not this performance (although this live performance of Sleepy Maggie is worth seeing)..(can't believe YouTube doesn't have him on yet; wonder if it's some Olympic Committee paranoia thing.)

So, how about those opening ceremonies?
I thought they were fabulous!  Well, except for the @#*^#*@#& USA coverage/camera work/commercial interruption/idiotic commentary.

1) Ashley MacIssac is fiddling like mad and no close-ups, simply a wide view of the general dance movements.  Don't they  know how quirky and entertaining this guy is and why close-ups are de rigeur?

2) Croatia's team entrance was cut off by another stupid commercial.  So...only a mention and a quick flash of the team after commercial break.  Croatians have not forgiven Bob Costas from the last Winter olympics when he introduced the winner of the women's downhill as being from "tiny, teeny Croatia".  Bob!  "Tiny" was enough, Bob; throwing in "teeny" was a twist of the knife.  You were not forgotten and now this time around you pre-empted our glorious entrance.  I put the official Stara Baka curse on you!  May your diminutive physical stature decrease even more so (HA!  We'll see who's teeny, tiny then!)

Wish I could get a Canadian broadcast of these events this time around.....

...and Gordie Howe!?   Where were you Gordie?  If ever we needed a hard check into the boards of Mr. Costas and Mr. Lauer, it was last night.

Addendum 02/14/2010:
Curious, I Googled Why does Bob Costas hate the Croatians? and it seems over 1,110,000 other inquiries were made about the same subject. Not sure if that represents over one million folks of Croatian descent who could not get to sleep without finding out the TRUTH about Mr. Costas' dissing of Croatia, or simply about 1,000 of us repeatedly asking the same question 1,110 times. Ouch! My index finger is killing me...


The Canadian coverage was different. We saw Croatia come in the stadium in full and the commentator had plenty of good things to say.
Hmmmm, just as I suspected! It IS Bob Costas & NBC that have it in for the Croats.

I envy your Canadian broadcasts....
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