Monday, January 18, 2010

XX marks the Spot

I've been playing selections from the XX's album on Morning After the last few months.  For once, I'm in agreement with The New Yorker's Mr. Sasha Frere-Jones.  Well, at least on his opinion on this sublimal band.  A friend recommended them last year as a band unique from all others.  I don't know if I'd go that far.  Echos of New Order (Mr. Frere-Jones mentions this connection as well) and Pauseland.

The music does grow on you, a trait I found equally present in Pauseland's Palindrome.  Subtle plans, these two bands have, of invading your earspace via a velve revolution.  Have a listen (highly recommended) and see if you also find yourself sinking deep into their youthy angst.

They'll be in the States in ealry March (March 29 at the First Unitarian Church Sanctuary in Philly)


"Echos" indeed. What I've listened to has yet to turn my crank. But with your recommendation I may just give the rest a spin, to see if any crank-turning is the cumulative result.
Well, WP, I've purchased some tix for their Philly date so we'll see how the CD translates to the stage. What s/b quite interesting (or disappinting) is to hear them play without their keyboard player and vocalist who opted out of the group in ealry winter.

It is not a cheery CD, I will say, but it does grow on you. Make sure you're not listening to it on a brilliantly sunny day. Gloom or overcast is the sky mood you should be sunk into for this CD.
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