Monday, January 18, 2010


In a New Yorker piece penned by the prohibitively intelligent George Packer, he notes at one point, "In Robertsonian theodicy - the justification of the ways of God in the face of evil - there’s no such thing as undeserved suffering: people struck by disaster always had it coming. "  Without first googling "theodicy", as I should have, I assumed that Mr. Packer was cracking wise at the ever self-immolating Robertson's expense by concocting a new word, "theodicy".   What a great word!!  One that combined the words "theology" and "idiocy".  A delcious new word it would be to succinctly pigeonhole Robertson and his favored practice.

Much to my deep dismay and deeper disappointment, "theodicy" has been around quite a while, pre-dating Robertson's religious ilk.  Curse you Internet!  Curse you Google!  I could have happily resided in my little Internet hovel cackling over the "theological idiocy" of one Pat Robertson!

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I was tempted to comment on Robertson and his idiocy myself, but decided instead to silently hope for him to just ... disappear. But then, Robertson seems to have intimate knowledge of the Devil's ways; might he have have struck upon the truth?
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