Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Outdoor Dining

Where to Eat

A Package?  Pour Moi?


Sunday in the Park with....

One last look before....

..the forks attack!   And then...

..tout est finit!

Click! on any image for a larger version.  Bring a napkin along, just in case.

N.B.:  Miss Manon is the bakery from which these items were exchanged for a pittance of Euros

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Since we were just looking and didn't want to spoil the beauty - did yours taste well? Maybe I shouldn't ask, because it brings back the memories? :-)

(I love your posts about Paris, been there in May and your writing about it is simply wonderful to me, so please, do carry on)
Now that's packaging. This is also the second glimpse I've had of those fine Parisian boots. I have to wonder if, were I to visit Paris or Milan, I wouldn't be trading in my utilitarian Aussie boots for something just a little more refined.
Alcessa Gorgeous pictures on your Flickr account! Didn't recognize any of the people, though...still taking those incognito photos? Great pic of the cakes. I found that whenever I took photos of bakeries or cafes, I was the unfortunate recipient of looks that seemed to say, "You poor unfortunate man, they don't have these from where you come form? Perhaps you should also take a picture of the sky here, just in case you don't have that either..."

WP, Those Aussie boots look plenty sophisto to me! No need to exchange them for French boots a la my daughter. I, on the other hand, mosied around Gay Paree with some Texicano specials, thus inviting some stares which was very odd as Parisians tend to never avert their eyes, or they do so so imperceptibly that this non-Parisian never caught on. Having a Parisian avert an eye my way was a major accomplishment!

Thanks to both of you for your comments.

PS. the chocolate/raspberry extravaganza was my pick. It was unearthly; I left out pictures of me licking the paper wrapping...
Thx, Darko.

As for those looks ("they don't have these from where you come from"): you are absolutely right, that was my first impression, too. Until I realized that, in my function as a lady, I can put up the facial expression saying "eating cakes makes you fat" and win the upper hand, speaking morally... LOL

(I am not really the cake-eating type, just the cake-watching type)
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