Monday, December 14, 2009

One Woman. One Bullet.

It's admirable to read, in these economically trying times, that even personal disputes are being treated with an eye on thriftiness. Seems some trouble ventured into by a woman in Missoula, Montana required the dispatch of hot lead (or whatever is used these days when the environment has to be taken into consideration when settling personal disagreements) to settle the matter. Usually, in any passionate situation, pecuniary considerations are thrown to the wind. What with banks paying back their U.S. Govt. Bailout emergency loans (and NOT lending out, as hoped for, money to homeowners), it's good to see that even alleged criminals are keeping their personal economic situations in mind when (allegedly) committing crimes (of passion, IMHO, in this case).
One bullet, two guys? I'd say that should be an addendum to the woman's loan application. As to the definitive one bullet-two men decision, I guess we'll wait to hear from Arlen.

In other Missoula, Montana news, limo drivers should re-consider being designated drivers for bachelor parties. You simply can't claim to be an unassuming bystander. Wonder if the potential bride is having second thoughts of lifemate choices....

Having been to Missoula, MT recently, I regret to say that I missed out on all of this excitement. Perhaps summer days brought a languor to the need for violent possibilities. It struck me as a town where being laid back was de rigueur behaviour and excitement was on the low down gear, lest you stuck out as a non-Missoulian.


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