Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Favorite Musical Discoveries* of 2009

2009 is closing out quickly.  It's been a year that most of us have eagerly waited to see in our rear-views.   Economic bad news seemed to accompany the morning alarm buzz.  What a way to start one's day!??

Fortunately, there was always "new" music this past year to calm the wild beast and lift up one's spirits.  In the next few posts, I'll be opining on music that I came upon this year.  Discovery is asterisked in this blog's post with good reason.  Personal discovery, for me at least, involves books or music that is never hemmed in by the year of publication or release.  New items may sometimes be quite old.  A perfect example is Ference Karinthy's Metropole, a book I "discovered" this year by reading the lovely Bookslut's entry about this almost 40-year old novel.  So, while the world out there had already been reading Mr. Karinthy's truly excellent (and terrifying) novel for a while, it was a newly discovered shore I'd come upon.

So, the following album mentions' entries may be about CD's you're already quite familiar with.  Please excuse my late arrival to these wonderous lands.  Some albums you may have not come into aural contact with and I hope my writeups are enough to at least persuade a listne or two.  Still other musical treats may have been lying on my shelves begging for a re-listen; my first run-through may have been a negative reaction due to timing, impatience, lack of an open spirit, or simply a Bad Ear day.   Lastly, other albums may be ones that you are quite familiar with AND quite exhausted with.   Please excuse my over-wraught enthusiasm in these cases.


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