Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not Fogetaboutit-ing!

Pouring gasoline on the fire, a certain NY-based scribe opined that Phillie Phans "chickened out" when they visited the not-so-hallowed-anymore bleachers of Yanqui Stadium. He even quoted a Philadelphian (a turncoat, to boot) that "New York fans are arrogant and obnoxious, Philly fans are needy and obnoxious."

This fan, "Howard Goldstein is a bleacher denizen and a lawyer. He lives in Philly and owns season tickets to both stadiums. In the Bronx, he is a Bleacher Creature wearing a Yankee cap in Section 203. In Philly for Game 3, he'll probably wear a red cap." May Mr. Goldstein (the worst sort of creature, a dual town fan) and other Yanqui fans find Games #3 and #4, within the warm and inviting confines of Citizen's Bank Park, to their liking as they realize that the Bronx Cheer is a mere whimper to Philadelphia's Sow-Philly Snear.


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