Friday, October 30, 2009

The Interrogative Mood

I've been reading this book over lunch, parked in my parked car, seat laid back low. Reading way down low is best for my own absorption of this book. The sentences are gulped in espresso-sized spoons. One swallow. Ummmm. Followed by another. It is truly original and, like a fine scotch or port, it should be sipped slowly and between long bouts of thought.

I encourage you all to buy this book as you will undoubtedly be marking it up if not adding your own "entries". How Padgett Powell can use the specific technique (some would say trick) over the course of 176 pages and keep you continually enmeshed is a wonder of writing.

It's an amazing book, without parallel in my (limited) reading experience.


Just as I was about to declare a moratorium on Amazon purchases (grumble, grumble)....
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