Thursday, October 29, 2009

H1N1 & The Elbow Bump of Peace

In a recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article regarding the Swine Flu and the methods of avoiding/spreading it, a few sentences jumped out.
Visitors to an open house in Squirrel Hill last weekend were greeted by the homeowner, but not with a handshake.

"We're doing elbow bumps," Janet Anti told her guests, offering the outside of her bent arm. "Because of the national emergency," she added, and everyone nodded knowingly.

Then later on in the article,
As for the elbow bump, it hasn't caught on widely, but some houses of worship are encouraging congregants to find other ways of greeting each other.

As a spotty participant in organized religious events, I squirm like a worm when the time comes around at (Catholic) Mass when the Handshake of Peace ceremony rolls around. Symbolic gestures are just not my thing and the Handshake was at the top of my list for activities best avoided. Yeah, yeah, I know, paint me in full color "Anti-Social". While you're brushing me, let me say I was never a big fan of the folk masses either. Kumbaya, indeed.

So, this "ban" on handshakes and possible switch to elbow-bumping has made me curious, if only to attend once just to see urban-challenged adults trying to bump each other without blackening each other's eyes.

Whas up, J.C.?

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