Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Things to Do in Missoula While Gazing at the Enchanting Sky Slip By

Missoula, MT, at 3,209 ft above sea level lies in the Bitterroot valley surrounded by ??? mountains. The Clark Fork meanders through the city; you'll be criss-crossing it as you drive through Missoula. The lapping of the rapids can be heard pretty much anywhere in the city even when the river is out of sight. Downtown Missoula is particularly open to strolling about.

There are eateries and bars with open bars beckoning passer-bys to come in and sit a bit. Sitting a lot does not seem to be an activity favored by Missoulians. These folks are fairly fit and trim, as the outdoors smacks you upside the head with things to do. Metrosexuals are a human species not seen around these parts, not that Missoula lacks for cultural events. Cosmetics and high-end fashion markets are bone-dry here. Practicality and versatility in dress and accoutrement seem the guiding principles. Also Gore-tex; people are conceived and clothed in Gore-tex here. There is a plethora of outdoor gear related stores here.

Bike and kayak car racks are de rigeur. A result is an abundance of taut cheekbones and an under-usage of body deoderant products. A stuffy nose is a helpful condition to be blessed with when chowing down at some of the fine eating establishments in town.

To keep the denizens ever-active, the city even built an eternal wave machine right in the Clark Fork. Brennan's Wave, just north of the Higgins Avenue Bridge and within view of the Wilma theater in downtown Missoula is a great place to simply hang out and stare. Initially created for kayakers, enjoyment possibilities soon extended past the limits of the biped population of town.

As you can see, Brennan's Wave is open to all species of animals and their caretakers. In addition to kayakers and dogs, surfers can also be spotted on the Wave, seemingly glued to one spot. Once you're in the rhythm of the wave it seems any container would do. We spent a too short couple of hours here, marveling at the kayakers' easy slippage from the top of the Wave through the middle and out the end. Two of the kayakers brought along their 2 golden Labs who spent a short time running up and down the shoreline, following their owners, before deciding to jump in and join in on the fun. The water was a bit chilly, I'd say around 50-55 degrees. It didn't seem to matter to the dogs as they swam up through the rapids before turning around and riding the rapids down river.

It's a different style of life here, an enviable mix of outdoor immediacy and great coffee.

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No patchouli, eh? I guess it would just attract the bears.
Great Pictures of one of the many Missoula Treasures. Glad you liked it.
Great Dog Exerciser
I have not seen Dogs Surfing the Wave before.
Great Pictures. Dogs swimming with Kayaks is something I have never seen before. Those Goldens just love water.
Thanks for the visit and the comments. An add'l post of pics is here.

What struck me the most was how nonchalant both the owners and the younger Lab were while they were in the water. The older Lab was content with stanidng on the rocks and watching the action.

As far as the Wave is concerned, just another great slightly out-of-the-way spot in an absolutely fabulous Missoula. You folks are living the good life....
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