Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pedicures Suspended in Water

Mutual admiration society meeting of toes, crisp, cold, clear water and distant sounds of motor boats (not provided here..you'll have to hum in A sharp). Inch long fish came up to investigate possible edibles only to discover finely pedicured toes slowly pushing the water from here.......to there.

Other related pics are here.

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I perused your Flickr page. I thought the Moraine Lake Logjam was particularly fine, although the picture got me humming a long-forgotten tune and wondering when Bruno Gerussi might appear.
I noticed in your link that Mr. Gerussi attended the Banff School of Fine Arts...which is just up the road from Moraine Lake.

I recall watching some episodes of Beachcombers back in the college days. Seemed most of the characters were in their 30's or older while they acted as if they were in their 20's. Must've been the salt and sea air..
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