Friday, September 25, 2009

G-20 & Soft Ice Cream Music from Hell

From Steve Mellon of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who does these FANTASTIC 360 photo-displays, comes this video of the pre-protest the G-20 meeting gatherings in Pittsburgh. I especially love the inane soundtrack provided by the soft ice cream truck. One thing that keeps me on the straight and narrow and encourages me to hedge my bets on the possibility that there IS an afterlife is the conviction that, if there is a Hell, then there will be a Möbius strip of a highway that a Hades resident will be condemned to hitchhike on, with eternal damnation guaranteeing never being picked up and the soft ice cream truck passing by that person V---E---R---Y
S---L---O---W---L---Y while playing that sick cheapo organ music.

Perhaps it's the music that eventually drove the protesters to calamitous behaviour when they could have been down on the Strip enjoying a fine meal at Pamela's, Primanti Brothers', or Lidia's.

Addendum: Per this article, it seems that the ice cream truck music drove some folks into the deep end of the pool, as windows were broken and other property damage was done to various places including a Pamela's in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh.

Here's what I think about that serious mis-step.
There is NO WAY a Yinzer was responsible for this! Any proud resident of Pittsburgh would see this sin against Pamela's as adequate justification for a bit of intense facewashing. I guarantee that if any Yinzer is in the pokie with the clown(s) that dared to put even an innocent scratch on Pamela's plate glass, said clown(s) would soon be transferred to a fine UPMC site.

I have nothing against protesters as long as they maintain some level of civility. Once they cross the line into bodily or personal property harm, however, my empathy/sympathy goes out the window. And when I read that places like Pamela's are affected...well... thoughts of bodily damage toward the miscreant protesters come parading forth. Rather than putting these bozos in jail, I think they should be forced to pick up every shard and speck of broken glass. With their teeth.

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