Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Postings are DUE!

Got back from a fabuloso vacation out West in Montana and southern Alberta. Some pics will be posted. It was my first trip to Montana and a long long delayed trip to a place of infinite peace and beauty, Banff National Park. More later as the positive vibes all settle down into the written word. I know where I'd like my ashes to be scattered....


Ah, Banff -- so many and various vistas that beckon you to step forward! In that part of the world it's actually a challenge to become corpulent.

Glad to hear you had fun, DV. Equally glad to see you made it home safe & sound.
Ah, WP, wish I could say it was good to be back. Banff was unreal. Ever since hearing about the place from folks in BC and Alberta back in my ol' McGill days, I've been anxious about getting there. Even with all of the people and the digital cameras whirring away, the place (especially Lake Louise) was still spectacular.
I'll be saving my sheckels for another trip..and hopefully we'll get to Jasper as well.
And, as you noted, it's hard to become corpulent (although the food at the Chateau Lake Louise and at Post Hotel can put a dent in one's gut quite deliciously and easily (as well as your wallet)).
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